In September 2020, Force Detroit hosted a webinar that took a deep dive into the cannabis industry, criminalization in Black Detroit, and restorative solutions. In response, the Michigan Democratic Cannabis Caucus launched the Michigan Cannabis Freedom Coalition (MCFC), which brings together members of the cannabis caucus, cannabis industry leaders, and nonprofits that specialize in criminal justice reform to invest in communities hardest hit by the criminalization of marijuana.

To date the Michigan Cannabis Freedom Coalition has worked with Last Prisoner Project, Redemption Foundation, Black cannabis Access Force Detroit and Michigan Cannabis Industry Association to engage Attorney General Dana Nessel and Governor Gretchen Whitmer to support a clemency program that would result in pardons, clemency or commutation for over 200 people currently serving sentences for cannabis-related nonviolent offenses within the Michigan Department of Corrections.

The MCFC has been able to obtain three lists with over 1200 names each of people in prison who could benefit from this opportunity for clemency. While in the infancy stages, the MCFC has been able to raise over $50K and financially support a list of 7 people currently incarcerated with cannabis-related offenses and their families to benefit from these donations. 

Black Cannabis Access

Black Cannabis Access helps urban communities break the cycle of wealth disparities and economic genocide by exposing the economic cannabis opportunities while navigating through the politics to equity in cannabis…OWNERSHIP. 

Ensuring the necessary resources are accessible to urban communities that would increase economic opportunity and reduce economic disparities, achieved through education, outreach, and eliminating barriers to entry and sustainability.


The MICIA is the leading voice for Michigan’s legal cannabis businesses. The MICIA advocates for responsible and successful medical and adult use cannabis industry by promoting sensible laws and regulations and industry best practices among members.

Sticky Cannabis Brand

Cannabis Industry company that is currently investing in and operating cannabis-related businesses across Michigan. And quickly expanding across Michigan and are looking to expand into other markets.

Faith in Action

Faith in Action has a unique role to play in building a larger movement for change. This contribution flows from our capacity to engage large numbers of people through trusted community institutions, speak prophetically about the moral dimensions of political choices, and bring people together across race, class, religion, urban/suburban/rural, and region to make progress on racial and economic justice.

The Redemption Cannabis Foundation

Helping right the wrongs caused by cannabis prohibition by seeking out opportunities to lift up individuals harmed by the war on cannabis.

Michigan cannabis Freedom Coalition

Michigan Cannabis Freedom Coalition is a diverse group of organizations, advocates, and businesses that have come together to address the fundamental disparity in the now legal cannabis industry, that while some are able to profit from, others continue to suffer the collateral consequences of Michigan’s unjust and inequitable approach to the criminalization of marijuana.

The MCFC aims to provide direct services and advocate for policies that will benefit individuals and communities disproportionately impacted by prohibition.

MCFC’s mission is to provide a fresh start to those who have been harmed by the criminalization of cannabis through clemency, commutation, expungement, pardons, reducing restrictions, and education.

Force Detroit

FORCE    (Faithfully Organizing Resources for Community Empowerment) is a culmination of interfaith, grassroots and public sector leaders committed to having hard conversations about complex community issues, pushing boundaries and generating creative justice oriented solutions. We leverage media and culturally relevant strategies to connect people least likely to be engaged to civic infrastructures.

Toward the goal of building a safer, freer Detroit, Force is committed the following programs and activities.

Sons and Daughters United

At Sons and Daughters United we have made it our mission to create programs that allow for underprivileged communities to thrive despite criminal records, legal allegations, or disabilities. ​ ​​Sons and Daughters United (SADU) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides financial, emotional, and legal support to low-income, underprivileged, and minority populations.