Branding and White Labeling

As part of Clean Smoke’s Investment in community, we bring you a Branding and White Labeling informational session. Our amazing panelists are going to give you some free game for a few hours.

At the core of Clean Smoke’s vision, we are committed to reducing the economic impact of the war on drugs in black and brown communities through the provision of entrepreneurial support and employment assistance. We believe that no one should be in a Michigan prison or Carry a criminal record that creates barriers in employment and housing for cannabis-related offenses, while cannabis industry profits skyrocket in Michigan. We also believe that communities that are most impacted by the war on drugs should be made whole.


Marageaux Bruner Founder of Holi Smokable

Ryan Basore Founder of Redemption Cannabis / Redemption Foundation

Jason Tueni CEO of Cannaboys

Connie Maxim-Sparrow Founder of Sparrow Consulting

We will have cannabis attorney’s on-site

Paul Tylenda Founder Tylenda Law

John Mackewich Founder Mackewich, PLLC.


Tre Hobbs founder Neighborhood Essentials

Seating is limited the location will be sent out via follow-up email.

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Oct 16 2021


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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